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Thank you Hodge Hill

Last night was, as I predicted on Thursday, a good clip round the ear for the political classes as a whole. But in Hodge Hill, I have a big thank you to say. Not only did Labour come first – we came first by an absolutely HUGE margin. Our results breakdown shows Labour’s team on around 38% share of the voters, beating our closest contenders by OVER 2 to 1. It is, I believe, our biggest majority since I was elected in 2004.

But its not a result that was an accident. It’s down to the simply huge amount of work by our campaign teams across the constituency – a massive well done to you – and because we in Hodge Hill Labour are very clear that our day job, night job and every other job is fighting tooth and nail to renew and rebuild our community for local people. Thank you for the vote of confidence you have given us.


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