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[PETITION] Save the Rohingya Muslims of Burma

The events in Burma have shocked lots of us in Birmingham – so this week 157 MPs came together in Parliament behind a letter to Boris Johnson, coordinated by Rushanara Ali MP, demanding pressure on the Burmese government to stop the violence and start the humanitarian relief. You can find the letter here. But to reinforce our point for the Foreign Secretary, we need to raise our voices louder, speaking for those victims in Burma who cannot. That’s why I’m asking the people of Hodge Hill to sign this petition.To the House of Commons.The Petition of residents of Birmingham Hodge Hill,Declares that the petitioners have serious concerns over the unfolding crisis in Rakhine State, Myanmar.The petitioners therefore request the House of Commons urges the government to review its current approach to the Burmese military, provide additional funding to meet the urgent new humanitarian needs and support the relevant resolutions in the Human Rights Council and United Nations, in light of the unfolding crisis in Rakhine State, Myanmar.And the Petitioner(s) remain(s), etc. [emailpetition id=”6″] [signaturelist id=”6″]


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