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New child poverty figures are the census that shames us – Byrne

Liam Byrne MP today described new child poverty figures as “the census that shames us.” The new figures from the End Child Poverty Coalition reveal: Three of the top ten constituencies where children are living in poverty are in Birmingham The government’s freeze on child benefits has led to a 7 point increase in child poverty in Hodge Hill Over half of all children in Hodge Hill are now growing up in poverty. Liam Byrne said: ‘The sheer number of children in need is now staggering. Three of the worst Britain’s constituencies are in Birmingham – and an incredible half of all children in Hodge Hill are now growing up in poverty ‘Week in, week out we hear how families are struggling with cuts of vital benefits. I’ve had parents tell me they go without food because they have to choose between feeding their kids and paying the bills. ‘In the fifth richest country in the world, this reality should shame us. And the new Universal Credit system is only going to make things worse.’ More information from the End Child Poverty Coalition [table id=6 /] Today, the End Child Poverty coalition released new statistics showing the extent of child poverty across the UK broken down by constituency, Local Authority and ward. The new figures reveal that there are now constituencies within the UK where more than half of children are growing up in poverty – compared to one in ten, in the areas with the lowest child poverty rates. The figures also show that some of the most deprived areas of the UK have seen the biggest increases in child poverty since the coalition’s local child poverty figures for December 2015. Increases of 10 percentage points in some areas demonstrate the growing crisis of child poverty in the UK.” If you require any further information about the statistics, or End Child Poverty’s campaign demands please contact Judith Cavanagh, or the Chair of End Child Poverty, Sam Royston, You can see the data, methodology and interactive map at ahead of the release.


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