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How the Tories’ DUP deal compares to funding for the West Midlands

The £1 billion deal Theresa May has struck with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is leaving the West Midlands massively short-changed.  I asked the House of Commons Library to dig into the figures and our analysis shows Northern Ireland will get £244 per head compared to £13 in the West Midlands – that’s more than 18 times as much funding. If the West Midlands was being funded at the same rate as Northern Ireland, we could have an extra £647 million to invest in new homes and improved public services. This is outrageous.  We cannot allow areas that are already left behind be left out.  The Midlands must not be treated as second class to Northern Ireland just because the Tories need propping up by 10 DUP MPs.  This goes for our country’s other regions as well, which are also being left massively short-changed. You can read more about how the DUP deal dwarfs the devolution deals given to English regions in the Birmingham Mail’s coverage here.


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