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Ayes to the Left Podcast: The Collapse of the Centre Left

Across Europe the centre left is in trouble. Of the 28 EU states only six have a left-wing government and most of those are minority administrations.In the last elections the workers party in Holland came eighth.In the French elections the socialist party’s Benoit Hamon came fifth with 6% of the vote.It is a similar story in Germany, the Czech Republic, Greece and Italy. Centre left parties which were in power for much for the second half of the 20th century are now locked in a battle for survival.In the latest Ayes to the Left podcast Jason Beattie talks to Labour MP Liam Byrne and Stewart Wood, a former adviser to Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband, on why support for mainstream social democratic parties has collapsed.They discuss how Jeremy Corbyn has bucked the trend and whether his brand of socialism offers a way forward.And they talk about how the left needs to respond to the tide of populism and anti-immigration sentiment sweeping across Europe and America.Is there hope for moderate social democratic parties? Listen and find out.


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