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Turnaround in Glebe Farm

Something truly impressive is going on in Glebe Farm. This place means a lot to me. Before I got elected I ran my first campaign here back in 2004 against drug-dealing. Crime has proved tough to crack. Yet, this year its down some 20 pc thanks to a new approach from the police and partners, not least the extraordinary Phil Grainger – much tougher enforcement against a targeted handful of problem youngsters plus investment – initially some £60,000 from West Midlands police – in new youth services ie something for young people to do. Inspector Jennings and his team took me for a walkabout on Friday morning to see the approach in action. in my view its fresh evidence of the kind of innovation you can unlock when frontline leaders have the flexibility to bring together a range of funding and develop new services.

At my school gate surgery at Audley school in October I admired the new investment in the school – but more impressive was the number of parents who said they now went to the neighbourhood tasking meetings – and they made a difference. Let me know what your impressions are.


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