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The bankrutpcy of the Right

We’ve heard a lot this week about Mr Cameron’s personal ambitions for himself – but almost nothing, again, about his ambitions for our country. Why does he constantly duck a policy debate about anything? Two possible answers. Out campaigning in Slough tonight, local residents were stunned to hear about Mr Cameron’s £5 billion pound public service cuts plan. Meanwhile, over the in US, more and more US thinkers – on the right – are saying the same thing. The right is simply out of ideas about how to grow the economy, and how to help people succeed and prosper in the modern economy.

Not long ago, neo-con Francis Fukuyama said it. Now Richard Posner, – one of the founders of the Chicago school of law and economics, a cornerstone of modern conservatism –  is saying the same thing, concluding, the recession has left Conservative economic theory completely empty and that now; ‘the conservative movement is at its lowest ebb since 1964’.


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