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Thanks to Ward End

Thanks to all those who came to my residents meeting in Ward End last night – especially colleagues from West Midlands Police. We’ll post a full write up later but the three key local issues raised were; 1. Speeding and dangerous parking – especially folks dropping off children at school. We had a long debate about why parents drive their offspring a few hundred yards down the road 2. Drugdealing – still seen as a problem especially by the shops on St Margarets Road 3. Impact of doubling the school size; this was on the whole seen as a good thing; but there was a real worry that parking was going to get much worse

We then had a long chat about Labours policy review and the things the government was doing wrong. Here’s what was top of residents issue-list; 1. Lack of jobs especially for young people 2. Prices especially petrol prices 3. Immigration 4. Human rights and influence of judges 5. Europe – too much control of decisions lost

Again, we’ll write this up and make sure it’s part of our policy review work. If you couldn’t come and have a comment email me on byrnel@parliament.UK


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