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Pride in what they fought for

A couple of minutes before 11am, I filed out of the office to stand at the bottom of Downing Street to join the 2 minute silence, along with some of the journalists who report the news from outside No 10. It was a stunning moment. In the crowds on Whitehall – and the coverage in the news I think I detect a stronger and stronger appetite amongst the great law-abiding majority in Britain to stand up for the values – like sacrifice – that we think are important.

What’s more I think our young people share that feeling. Joining the remembrance parade on Sunday in Shard End in my own constituency, I was struck that the cadet forces turning out are bigger and bigger – our church was packed. It’s an inspiring reminder of the huge decency that defines our country to its very roots. I think the next generation is going to make the generation that fought that war 90 years ago, very proud of what they fought for.


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