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Press Release - Washwood Heath Labour Team Fight to Save Youth Centre


From the office of Liam Byrne MP

Thursday 17th February 2011


Labour Councillors Ansar Ali Khan and Mohammed Idrees are fighting to save local youth services at the Naseby Centre from council cuts. Washwood Heath has one of the highest rates of youth unemployment in the country alongside high rates of poverty, both contributing to young people being vulnerable to religious extremists. The Naseby Centre Youth Centre in Washwood Heath is the only 7 day youth support in the area and offers a wide range of services to young people. Birmingham City Council are threatening to cut £3m from the Youth Service £5.8m budget across Birmingham, the 58% cuts will mean the Naseby centre losing staff, cutting services or even closing altogether. Youth services across the city will be decimated. Local councillors Ansar Ali Khan and Mohammed Idrees are working with young people to save their services. A petition with 1,200 signatures has been presented to the council, local young people have written 50 letters to local papers. Local Member of Parliament Liam Byrne joined a public meeting last week to pledge his support for the campaign. A further public meeting will be held on Sunday 20th February, 4.00pm at the Naseby Centre, Naseby Road, Birmingham, B8 3HG for local young people to show their support before the final decision is taken by Birmingham City Council on 1st March. Councillor Ansar Ali Khan said: Naseby Centre has provided a vital service for the youth in Washwood Heath for many years. We have invested a large amount of NRF funding to upgrade and refurbish this centre for our young people. We have a large number of individuals who are successful because of the help and support provided by Naseby Youth Centre. If the Tory/Lib Dem Council cuts 60% of funding, then it is going to be almost impossible for the centre to provide services and it will be a huge loss to the young people, their parents and families. Naseby Centre has helped me in my work to keep young people off the streets and away from drugs and other anti social behaviour. As the ward Councillor I will do anything in my capacity to save this facility for the young people. Lets fight together to win this battle from the Tory/Lib Dem Council." Local GP, Dr Waheed local doctor said: The Naseby centre was crucial in helping me develop aspirations to be more than just a foreman at the old Smith and Nephew, now I'm a successful doctor serving the local community. Our young people have many disdvantages, they need the Naseby Centre to keep aiming high. Keep youth service provision at Naseby Centre. Liam Byrne MP said: I was glad to meet so many angry youngsters determined to save Naseby Centre, they spoke movingly about how the closure would force them back onto the streets and leave them and their friends far more vulnerable to crime and anti-social behaviour and a range of other dangerous influences. We don’t know what this council has against out youngsters – but we’re determined to fight back.ENDS NOTES TO EDITORS:There will be a public meeting at Naseby Centre, Naseby Road, Alum Rock, B8 3HG, 4.00pm, Sunday 20th February.Hundreds of local young people are expected to attend to show support for the campaign along with community groups and sports teams. Press and photographers welcome


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