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Press Release from the Office of Liam Byrne: 2,400 new local primary school places

Liam Byrne’s six-year battle for extra school places in Hodge Hill finally paid dividends today, with the news that the next 18 months will see the creation of an extra 2400 school places, including the opening of the brand new Waverley Primary School which is set to provide a local school place for up to 630 children. Before the Member of Parliament for Hodge Hill took up the case for local families in 2005, hundreds of children were unable to find school places, whilst other families with more than one child struggled to make it to several different schools on time. The situation worsened over the years due to the city’s rising birth rate. After six years of campaigning – which included a survey of primary school waiting lists and numerous meetings with schools and parents – Liam is able to tell children that they will be able to go to school with their brothers and sisters. Liam said: “I am delighted for Hodge Hill families that the years of work and campaigning have finally paid off. It will mean that more children are able to walk to school and are able to use out of hours facilities. This in turn means less traffic on the roads and less expense for parents”.


Notes to Editors:

Table of new school places as confirmed by Office of Children, Young People and Families at Birmingham City Council Waverley Primary School, New school to open in 2012– 630 new places Starbank Primary – 30 extra per year group – 210 new places Hodge Hill Primary – 43 extra per year group – 301 new places Ward End Primary– 60 extra per year group – 420 new places (doubling school size) St Wilfred’s Catholic Primary– 30 extra per year group – 210 new places Nansen Primary – 630 new places St Saviours CofE Primary – 210 new places


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