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No time for indecision

When I started my business back in 2000, it was like a roller-coaster. Great highs, when you had a sales breakthrough or nailed a new product – and great lows; not least the days when you simply didn’t know if you were getting to meet payroll at the end of the month – or having to explain to the wife that there wasn’t going to be a salary cheque again. Lots of business people will be going through exactly this feeling right now. They will greet Mr Cameron’s ‘scepticm’- professed this morning – that government should act to help families and businesses with disbelief. It will reinforce the impression that Mr Cameron has simply never had a ‘proper’ job in his life.

Frankly,this is no time for Mr Cameron’s ‘no action plan’. This global downturn might have started in America but its now hitting the US, Japan and Europe. There’s an international consensus that cutting interest rates plus action on tax and spending is what’s needed. America, Japan, Australia, and major European nations are all discussing how to combine interest rate cuts with tax and spending help. Only Mr Cameron has set himself against global opinion. Frankly, its one more sign that he lacks both the experience and the values for the top job. Its appears he’d rather families and businesses faced to downturn on their own.


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