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LDV update

A few people have asked me about LDV this week, so time for an update. The bottom line is that the administrator is working through potential bidders for the business to get the best deal possible. There are serious players who are extremely keen to keep jobs and production in Washwood Heath – albeit on a smaller scale – and I’ve met some of the interested parties at the Commons this week. I been clear that I’ll do everything within my power to help the right deal for Birmingham work out.

In the meantime I met Birmingham City Council and government regeneration agency representatives on Friday in Hodge Hill, to make sure all possible assistance is in place for those made redundant – and I’m developing some new proposals to dramatically raise the profile of the East Birmingham regeneration challenge over the next few weeks. We’ve got to start making faster progress to tackle the chronic unemployment in the City. If you’ve been made redundant from LDV and need help contact me, or see for the Government’s real help now website.

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