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LDV’s fabulous electric vans

Friday saw me at Bromford House to check in with LDV’s management team, after news of £5 million in Government assistance to aid a new deal with a new parent company. I wanted to help make sure workers’ wages get paid – but I also got the chance to test-drive LDV’s incredible new electric Maxus.

I fancy I speak with a little authority on these matters having had a spell as van driver early in my career. Quite simply, the drive is superb. Fabulous acceleration. Practically silent. Almost no vibration in the cab. And production ready. Electric vans will be the first big market for electric vehicles nowadays, as delivery vans can spend so much of the day within a 100 mile radius, dropping things off.

I’ve never been more sure this business has a brilliant future ahead of it. Fingers crossed for the next few weeks.


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