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Down Cotterrills way

Friday saw me spend a lot of time down Cotterills way. Its a place of some history. Not long after this part of the world was incorporated into the city boundaries, some of the first council homes were up, on Cotterills Lane in 1920, based on a design pioneered by the Cadburys.

Before a bit of knocking on doors talking to local residents about local problems, I had the huge privilege of visiting St Cuthberts school – a superb place with a magnificent head teacher – talking to the assembly and school council before chatting to parents in my weekly ‘school gate surgery’.

Once again, it was the clarity and idealism of our youngsters that I found so inspirational. They want to see less grafitti and more traffic calming, especially down by the bridge.Let me know what else you want added to my action plan for the area. Its part of our history. We should be proud of it.


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