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Cuts from day one

You may have seen in the news today that David Cameron’s Conservatives would make cuts to public services from day one of a Tory government. Whatever he says about public services, it’s now clear that David Cameron can’t resist the Tory instinct for cuts to public services.

The Tories are obviously hoping to hide the details of the cuts until after a general election but the fact is that they would cut our schools and police to pay for tax breaks – starting with £200,000 for Britain’s 3000 richest estates. However warmly he talks about schools and hospitals there is no doubt David Cameron would invest less. He has said very clearly that “a Conservative government would spend less than Labour” and “some areas would be cut”. This year alone he would cut £5 billion from public services – that’s equivalent to a cutting 3,500 police immediately.

And in the future, no matter what the economic landscape, he would cut public services by even more – cuts of 10 per cent according to the Shadow Health Secretary. That’s the equivalent of 15,000 police – equivalent to 30 bobbies off the beat in every constituency. Under David Cameron’s plans the British people would have to expect less from public services. Not just because of the cuts his party would make. But because their approach to public services, like their approach to the economy, is not to stand by people but walk on by.


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