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Communitarian Politics for Britain’s Poorest Places

I delivered a speech last night to the Fabian Society, in the Boothroyd Room at the House of Commons. The speech was on the subject of “Communitarian Politics for Britain’s Poorest Places” and in it, I outlined what I think needs to be done to tackle poverty in our inner cities, and to equip people with the capabilities they need to get on in life.

As you can see from the speech, I drew extensively on my experiences as a community organiser in Hodge Hill over the last five years.

After I spoke, Antonia Bance from Oxfam and Mary Abdo from The Young Foundation responded, and we had a good discussion – punctuated by Division Bells, calling me to vote in Parliament – with some interesting contributions from the audience.

If you’d like to read the speech in its entirety, you can find it Here


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