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The Record

Over £650 million of new investment - in schools, business parks, the NHS, parks, road safety and new homes -  has been secured for Hodge Hill on Liam’s watch as Member of Parliament. Here’s the record. 



  • Shard End Crescent Development - 191 new homes, new shops and new library

  • Lea Village Regeneration

  • Demolished Bailey & Stoney Croft Towers

  • Bromford & Firs Flood Defenses

  • 240 new homees for Bromford & Firs

  • HS2 Tunnel under the Bromford

  • Retrofit Program for 300 homes

  • Selective Licensing scheme for Privately Rented properties in 6 wards across the constituency

Image by Jaye Haych
Image by Nicolas J Leclercq


  • Saltley Health & Wellbeing Centre - Biggest health centre in Birmingham

  • Firs Health Centre 

  • Heartland Hospital Extension


  • Network Control Centre on LDV site

  • 2013 Jobs Summit

  • Birmingham Jobs Fund - 90 young people into jobs

  • Birmingham Apprenticeships Fund - 140 young people into apprenticeships

Image by Marten Bjork
Image by Hannah Busing


  • Firs & Bromford Lottery Grant

  • Refurbishment of St Margaret's Church

  • Refurbishment of Hutton Hall into a new community hub

  • Home Office grant to crack down on ASB

  • Regular Funders Fairs for community groups

  • HS2 Grants Program

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