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Liam is the author and editor of almost thirty books, pamphlets and chapters and has written for the Financial Times, the Times, the Guardian, New Statesman, the Daily Mirror, Prospect, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Devex, Open Democracy, the House magazine, the Tablet and Project Syndicate




The Inequality of Wealth: Why It Matters and How We Fix It (Head of Zeus, 2023)


Black Flag Down: Counter-extremism, defeating ISIS and winning the battle of ideas: Counter-Extremism, Defeating Daesh and Winning the Battle of Ideas, (Biteback Books, 2017)


Dragons: Ten Entrepreneurs Who Built Britain (Head of Zeus, 2016)


The Times, Dragons: Ten Entrepreneurs Who Built Britain by Liam Byrne Review of Dragons


Turning to Face The East: How Britain Prospers in the Asian Century (Guardian Books, 2013)


Local Government Transformed (Baseline Books, 1996)


Edited Books


Tribune MP's, The Change We Need: How A Starmer Government Can Transform Britain (2022)


West Midlands Forum, A Golden Decade: How the West Midlands Powers Forward in the Decade To Come (2022)


Just Transitions: A Roadmap to the Century Ahead, (Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and IMF, 2020)


The Future of Work For The People We Serve: Ten Lessons for the Revolution To Come. (Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and IMF, 2019)

Reinventing Government Again, (Social Market Foundation, 2004)


Political Economy and Fixing Inequality 
APPG on Inclusive Growth, Press release and Report: Piketty Ten Years On: What does the public think of rising inequality? 
Labour List, MP's must come together to confront the growing divide between rich and poor
Labour List, We must reclaim the cause of freedom from the Tories. My pamphlet shows how
Labour List, Labour must set out a three-term shaped project, with ‘security’ at its heart  

The Times, We want to reform our economy with a plan that is big, bold and green

New Statesman, Britain’s problem is not too many robots – it’s too few

The Guardian, Labour will make Britain a great digital power: here’s how

New Statesman, Britain can’t afford to leave the tech revolution to the rich

The Guardian, The economy is failing. We need to think radically about how to fix it

The Guardian, It's time to rewrite the rules of economics to end the growing chasm of inequality

The Guardian, My new version of Clause IV charts a way forward for Labour

The Guardian, Only a new capitalism can end inequality in Britain. This is where Labour comes in

Foreign Policy
The Times, Why Securonomics is so important
Open Democracy, What have they got to hide? 
Devex, Beyond new management, the World Bank needs new money
Newsweek, The Next World Bank President Needs to Make These 3 Changes
The Tablet, Why the new World Bank President must heed the Bridgetown Agenda
Time Magazine, What Europe can do next to re-contain Russia 

The Times, Ukraine is winning but the West mustn’t waiver


Project Syndicate, Summoning the Spirit of Bretton Woods

Financial Times, Rich countries need to share the IMF’s $650bn gift

The House Magazine, Our laws are completely inadequate for dealing with interference in our democracy

The Guardian, The Cambridge Analytica exposé shows the UK needs better data protection


Prospect, How Europe should respond to increased Russian aggression


New Statesman, Our obsession with Brexit has blinded us to the weakening of the West

The East is rolling West, and we are yet to respond.


Research, Reports, Pamphlets and Chapters


The Fabians, Reclaiming Freedom (2022) 

NIESR, 'Fiscal Policy Choices: the role of informal rules and fiscal frameworks' in Designing a New Fiscal Framework: Understanding and Confronting Uncertainty edited by  Jagjit S. Chadha, Hande Küçük and Adrian Pabst (NIESR, 2021)

NIESR, 'Reformation in the Age of the Shock Wave: the case for radical English devolution', Evidence paper to NIESR (2020)

Red Shift, Brand Labour: Communicating Our Values in the Brave New World (2016)

Red Shift, Looking For A New England (2015)


Social Market Foundation, Robbins Rebooted: How We Earn Our Way in the Second Machine Age (2014)

The Fabian Society, The Road to Full Employment: How we rebuild social security for 21st century Britain (2013)

Eliminating Power Failures: A New Agenda For Tackling Inequality, in The Purple Book, edited Robert Philpot, (Biteback, 2013)

Progress, The new centre-ground how can progressives win a new majority? (2012)

The Squeezed Middle and the New Inequality in After the Third Way, Edited by Olaf Cramme and Patrick Diamond (Bloomsbury, 2012)

Progress, Why did Labour Lose – and How Do We Win Again? (2010)

Demos, A More United Kingdom: How We Build A Stronger Nation, (2008)

Fabian Society, A Common Place (with Ruth Kelly), (2007)

Policy Network, From Free Movement to Fair Movement: The Immigration 45 Debate in the UK, in Rethinking Immigration and Integration: a New Centre-Left Agenda, (2007)

The Fabian Society, Why Labour Won: Lessons from 2005 (2005)

Social Market Foundation, Cities of Enterprise: New Strategies for Full Employment(2002)

The Fabian Society, Information Age Government: Delivering the Blair Revolution (1998)

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