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Funding support for community groups

Hodge Hill is home to some wonderful community projects and I want to support all groups to keep making a difference in our community.

Our flagship event is our annual Hodge Hill Funders Fair where we invite major funders along to share with you the type of projects they fund and what criteria need to be met to ensure your bid is successful. This year’s fair was held on 31st July at Saltley Wellbeing Community Centre and was attended by; Asda, Birmingham Airport, Groundwork West Midlands, National Lottery Heritage Fund, Severn Trent, Sport Birmingham, Street Games, Tesco, Veolia Environmental Trust and West Midlands Community Housing.
Further support
If you have a project or a group that is in need of some funding we can provide guidance on which type of fund may be suitable, how to showcase and evidence the wonderful work you do and can provide a letter of support for your bid. 
What we ask of you; 
Funding bids can be time consuming and in the current cost of living crisis bids are more competitive than ever before.
To help you we need you think of some of the key things your organisation does such as;
  • Who does it support? 
  • Do you know how many people use the service every year/month?
  • What is the funding for? 
    • Equipment 
    • Staff
    • Building works
    • Energy efficiency improvements 
    • A project 
  • You will then need to show on the bid how much is needed and why. This means you need to have costings ready, this can be quotes (at least 2) if it’s building works or a shopping list if it’s equipment. Funders will need accurate costings and not estimates. 
  • If your bid was successful – how many new people would use the service? Have you spoken to the community to find out demand? 
  • Do you have any case studies of the work your organisation does? Can a frequent user provide you with a testimonial?
  • Is your website up to date? Does your website showcase your current projects? This applies to your social media too. Are the team/staff details up to date?
We can signpost and point you to funds where your organisation meets the criteria.  
We can’t write your bid for you -  but we can assist with ensuring the above details are in order and are happy to proof read and provide feedback on bids.
We can also supply data from the House of Commons library with all sorts of statistics. 
We want to see our community thrive and organisations like yours are a fundamental part of that. Get in touch and lets see how we can help, please contact
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