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Jab the World? The PM’s statement on G7 and NATO

After every major summit the Prime Minister comes back the Commons to update us and take questions. As you might, many of us zeroed in on the basic question: how does the world escape the pandemic?

Last week, the Prime minister was keen to tell the world that his objective was to see the world vaccined safely by the end of 2022. With the right will, there’s a way to do this. In fact the International Monetary Fund has shown a path to this.

So how did the G7 leaders do?

Bluntly, not well.

On Monday I checked in with the IMF to ask their assessment of what was achieved.

So. In other words, we’re still $23 billion short of the grant finance we need to deliver a plan to jab the world. The question I put to the Prime minister today therefore was simple. Where’s the money going to come from, and when? I’m afraid answer came there none.


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